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The beneficial influence of vegetables on our weight



Below scene has inspired me to write about this subject.

A kid in a bar has put on his plate a salad. His mother has noticed it and shouted: “You don’t eat vegetables. Put that away!”. Instead of a tasty and healthy salad he was mad to eat a burger. Poor kid…

I’m sure you already know that vegetables are healthy:) They are a great source of vitamins, minerals, fibres, and they deliver few calories.

If you eat many vegetables your stomach is full and you will automatically eat less other stuff. In general that should lead to lower caloric intake.
– Fibres and water that are in vegetables increase volume of the meal,
– Fibres cause that you need to chew more, what means you eat longer and less.

If you eat vegetables as first course the total amount of energy will be less.
According to the science “if you eat soup as a starter, the energy-intake of the total meal will be decreased with 20%, 7% when you eat a small salad of 150g and 12% if you eat a big salad of 300g”. However, bear in mind that it won’t influence the rest of the day!

This information was taken from the scientific magazine “Voeding Nu”: Ellen Dutman, Wilrike Pasman, Annette Stafleu, TNO; De verzadigde werking van groente en de relatie met overgewicht. Voeding Nu, Januari/Februari 2012, 9-11.

Typical American breakfast


Talking about typical American meals I can’t omit this one: toasts with scrambled egg, bacon, sausages, and orange juice.

That was my breakfast.

– Toasts
– Eggs
– Bacon
– Sausage
– Butter
– Orange juice

1. Make toast
2. Fry the rest in huge amount of fat:)

Ooo, believe me it was so fat…
If you eat a meal like this, you understand immediately why some Americans are so corpulent 😦
Neither Cola, nor hot tea were able to dissolve it. Such breakfast is definitely not my style. If you want to stay in shape, better avoid a meal like this.



Chipotle guacamole burger

Hi there,
Sorry for not being with you guys those last few days.
I’m on holiday and it’s difficult to find an opportunity to write about food, not mentioning cooking it 🙂
I was waiting and hoping to find for you couple interesting recipies and I found one.
That was the first day where I decided to eat typical SUPER SIZE ME dish = a burger 🙂
I don’t eat burgers that often but if I had this kind of burgers around me I would eat them very freuently…
Since in Florida, in my opinion, you can find as many Mexicans as Americans, the combinaction of these two cuisines: a burger with guacamole & Chili sauce was really a fantastic choice.
On my dish was: Chipotle guacamole burger
– Beef
– Chipotle sauce
– Guacamole
– Cheddar-Jack
– A single fried onion ring
I need to find out 🙂
Believe me, that was the best burger I’ve ever eaten. Juicy meat, spicy sauce, great natural French fries, and super tasty Cesar salad. It was really delicious.



Bread rolls with…

While being on sport holidays, you miss conditions to make a proper sandwich.
In Spartan condition by a lake, I decided for a simple bread roll with “plastic” cheese, “super size” tomato and an apple. So simple but so tasty… I really enjoyed that moment.
The colour of grass, water and the Sun made my dish very attractive.


Great wishes to you all. Enjoy your free moments…