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As busy mom I had no time to write any posts. My apologies. My head is full of ideas and I hope to find more time in the nearest future.

Just this week I was listening to a journalistic article which covered subject of cultured meat. This journalist mentioned about sponsored research for “vegetarian” meat replacement. Meat grown on a petri plate…



In the last months I’ve been reading a lot about food industry and all the tricks of food marketing. That’s made me thinking of what is still left to eat. I’m really shocked about all chemicals, sugars, fat, and salt added to our food. Nowadays food is a product, like shoes, table. Only what counts is the profit of food company. It’s not about our health. It’s not real food any more! Well.. maybe you can buy some from a local farmer but it’s super expensive and not available in a regular super market.

In these last months I’ve been also thinking a lot about becoming vegetarian, if not even vegan. I can’t really stand the cruelty that happens to all animals. It really hurt when I think of it. However, I’m not convinced yet if this is really my thing. Therefore this topic is even more interesting to me!

So hearing that journalist I reminded myself about an article I’ve been reading. It’s been about cultured meat. Thanks to that article I found this interesting portal http://www.futurefood.org which writes all about replacing animal products with products that are not derived from animals. I know it sounds fake and artificial but the idea is to growth meat, milk drinks or egg replacement from the original proteins. The structure and taste should be identical with the original/natural ones.

Is it good and healthy? I don’t know but this is definitely an interesting topic. I really recommend to read their page. If you’re a vegetarian/vegan, take a look at “vegetarian meat” section that lists all kind of meat substitutes. It’s really interesting and useful. You get forwarded to different meat substitutes producers in all kind of countries.

So here’s a citation from “Future Food” portal about cultured meat: “In-Vitro meat is the (idea of) manufacturing of meat products through “tissue-engineering” technology… Starting cells are taken painlessly from live animals, they are put into a culture media where they start to proliferate and grow, independently from the animal. Theoretically, this process would be efficient enough to supply the global demand for meat.”


start of the process


petri plate


petri plates

This is crazy and very brave vision… I am really intrigued by this topic. Do I want to eat this kind of food? I’m not sure yet…

Just take a look yourself. I’m really curious of your opinion!


how it works


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