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What I ate today… Monday 5th of August 2013



Who might have expected that during maternity leave you have little time? Well, definitely not I.

Waiting for the baby, I decided to start a new category of my posts mentioning “what I ate today”…. Basically I want to share with you what is on my dish.

People who know me, know that I am very slim and I have never been overweight.

I hope that sharing with you my healthy lifestyle, you can get some inspiration and perhaps loose a bit of weight… Who knows…

So starting today, I ate the following:


A sandwich with butter, ham, cucumber, salad and half of cottage cheese with a cup of green tea.



Green grapes and one peach.

green grapes1 peaches for a snack


A sandwich with butter, ham, cucumber and salad. Again half of cottage cheese and a glass of water.

second breakfast


I went to the beach so I kept it simple and easy. A sandwich with butter and cheese, bottle of water.



Macaroni with broccoli, Hollandaise sauce, slices smoked salmon, cranberries and caraway (Persian cumin). All that together with a cup of cultured buttermilk. Then I ate two plums.

macaroni with brocoli and smoked salmon in Hollandaise sauce plum


Macaroni with fried plums, yoghurt and brown sugar. A glass of water.

macaroni with fried plums youghurt and brown sugar

During the day I drank water, black lavender tea and raspberry leaf tea.

Good night:)


Anna *OnMyDish.wordpress.com*

Asparagus soup with smoked salmon


May is the best time for eating asparagus. You can eat it until mid-June. In the Netherlands people eat white asparagus. The most known dishes made of asparagus are boiled or steamed asparagus with hollandaise sauce and ham. I decided for something else…

On my dish today will be: Asparagus soup with smoked salmon.

Ingredients (for 1 person):

–          Ca. 500-600ml water

–          1 vegetable bouillon cube

–          1 small onion

–          1x1cm fresh ginger root rasped

–          2 slices smoked salmon

–          3 leaves of chives

–          1tbsp. crème 15%

–          1tsp. curry

–          ¼ lemon


  1. Boil water and add vegetable cube to the pan
  2. Peel asparagus and cut into 3
  3. Peel onion and divide for 2 pieces
  4. Add vegetables to boiling water
  5.  Peel ginger and rasp (leave unwanted fibres behind); add to soup
  6. Add curry and crème to soup and stir
  7. Take out asparagus tips and slice into small pieces
  8. Puree the rest of vegetables with blender
  9. Serve in a bowl with sliced salmon, chives and asparagus tips
  10. Sprinkle with lemon juice
  11. You can add optionally blue cheese. I did it with the second round. It was delicious…. 🙂

*Enjoy your meal* OnMyDish.wordpress.com