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Rice with chili beans, king prawns and salami



I have never though that a combination of seafood and meat products can taste good. Once, I was invited for a dinner and I ate prawns together with chicken… That time I understood that it’s actually matching combination. With the flow of energy to experiment I made this simple and tasty dish. It costs you “no time” and that’s why I think it’s so wonderful, everyday meal.

rice with chili beans and prawns rice with chili beans prawns and salami

Ingredients (for 1 person):

– 1 glass of cooked rice

– 200g canned chili beans

– 12 king prawns

– 1/4 salami package (ca. 85g)

– Salt, pepper, chili powder

–  100ml water

– 1/2 tsp. sugar


  1. Add to cooked rice, chili beans (not drained), king prawns and fry.
  2. Add salami and fry.
  3. Season with salt, pepper and chili, add water and cook under the lid.
  4. Add sugar and cook for about 2 minutes.


It’s super simple and tasty.


Anna *OnMyDis.wordpress.com*

Seafood risotto



What to cook if you have little ingredients? I always have something frozen and this time that was seafood. Great thing to eat and you feel like on holiday.

I decided for risotto that again reminds me about Italian coast but what can I say… Italian kitchen is just simple and tasty.

You most likely know thousands of other risotto recipes but I encourage you to try this one as well. Especially that there are so little ingredients:)

Ingredients (for 2 people):

– 1tbsp. butter

– 1 bouillon cube

– 1 glass of uncooked rice

*Rice-broth (bouillon) proportions would be 1-2

– 1 onion

– 1/2tsp. saffron

– 2tbsp. lemon juice

– 1 can tomato sauce, ca. 400 ml

– Ca. 200g seafood

– 2tbsp. sour crème

– Salt and pepper



  1. Dissolve bouillon cube in water.
  2. Melt butter in frying pan, add chopped onions; cook for 2 minutes.
  3. Add saffron and rise; cook for 30 seconds.
  4. Add lemon juice to pan; cook for 15 seconds, stirring constantly.
  5. Stir in ½ cup hot broth mixture; cook until the liquid is nearly absorbed. Add remaining broth mixture in portions, ½ cup at a time. Stir until liquid is absorbed. For 1 glass of rice you may need 2 glasses of liquid.
  6. Add seafood and cook for 2 minutes.
  7. Add tomato sauce and bring to a boil; cook for ca. 5 min.
  8. Mix in separate container 1tbsp. of tomato sauce with the sour crème and add into tomato sauce; do not cook.
  9. Salt and pepper to taste if needed.
  10. Serve and sprinkle with parsley.


*Enjoy your meal* OnMydish.wordpress.com

Seafood frittata



In my opinion food in jar is already processed food which I prefer to avoid on my dish. Nobody is perfect, sometimes we are lazy. This happens to me when I come back from holiday. For me this is the time when I like to choose for simple solutions and still avoid ready dishes. I just came back from the seashore and seafood seems to me be the perfect way to extend my holiday mood.

Just after holiday on my dish was: Seafood frittata

 Ingredients (for 2 people):

–          250g seafood

–          6 eggs

–          1/3 jar of green beans (ca. 100g)

–          Ca.2 tbsp. of sliced green olives

–          3x handful of Emmentaler cheese

–          Fresh basil

–          1x spring onion

–          2 garlic cloves

–          1/3 package of cress

–          “Parmigiano” cheese for topping

–          Salt, pepper, dried thyme for seasoning

–          Ca. 1 tsp. of oil to fry



  1. Fry seafood
  2. Add all vegetables and fry
  3. Beat eggs, season and add Emmentaler cheese
  4. Heat oil, spread beat eggs mixture and spread all over seafood, vegetable mixture and cress
  5. Cook under the lid over a very low heat for about 15 minutes
  6. Once the top is almost solid, turn over and cook for the next 2 minutes
  7. Divide into slices, top with “Parmigiano” cheese and serve


*Enjoy your meal* OnMyDish.wordpress.com