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What I ate… Friday 23rd of August 2013



Ahhh…. no cauliflouwer soup today. What a pity! :(:(:(

Anyway, today’s dishes were also very attractive and tasty…

Let’s begin with breakfast:)


A bowl of milk with raspberry juice,  and muesli.



Pumpernickel with butter spread, turkey ham, half cottage cheese with tomato, yoghurt and chives, radish. As lunch “snack” a slice of pumpernickel with butter… Heh- my favourite combination when I was a kid:)

cottage cheese pumpernickel



Well, I did some grocery today in a neighbourhood village and local fruit-veggie shop. I couldn’t resist on not trying the wonders I bought.


Real farmer’s butter with yummy German bread “Oberländer”, one plum- just to taste if it’s good, a glass of milk and freshly picked sour apple.

plum sour apple


Home-made ala pizza on super thin crust, sorry for aesthetic but I didn’t pay attention to how it looks. Pizza crust was made of a mix of white and rye flour. Topping: mozzarella, hot ketchup, Bruschetta, herbs, garlic, onion, salmon and Maaslander cheese.




Two slices of bread with butter, turkey ham. Tomato with onion, chives and yoghurt.


After hard workout at the swimming pool that was not enough, so I ate an extra sandwich with butter and blueberry jam. Yummy…

blueberry jam

So that was it:)


Anna *OnMydish.wordpress.com*

Time for pizza?



I love Italian cuisine and I do like pizza. If I recall correct in 2012 there were three times that I ate pizza.

May 2012- when I bought pizza for dinner…

October 2012- when I moved to my new house and I had no kitchen running…

November 2012- at my friends’ place…

I am normally very enthusiastic about cooking dinners but sometimes you just can’t avoid eating pre-packaged food. When I choose on my own, I try to buy as healthy food as possible. I must say, the pizza I present here is was really good- with mozzarella, salami, dried tomatoes, spinach and walnuts… Nutrition and ingredients were very acceptable. The taste was really great! Not mentioning aesthetic aspect…

pizza rom Albert Hein pizza pizza backed pizza backed pizza from AH

How often do you eat pizza? Is it homemade, from a supermarket or pizza in a restaurant? What are your favourite ingredients?

Best greetings,