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Christmas decoration at work




I just wanted to share with you my Christmas decoration. Work is the place where I want to feel good. That’s why I decided to decorate my room as well.

I decided for yellow to add a bit of sun during these long, dark days.

I put everything in a glass vase: glossy stones, Christmas lights, shiny twig with crystals and two angels…

Christmas decoration Christmas decoration2

What do you think?


Heh, and here the Chocolate Santa:)


Chocolate Santa




Saint Nicholas’ eve 2012



This week I was the happiest person in the World. Finally it started to snow:):):)



Today in the Netherlands is Saint Nicholas’ eve, so called “Pakjesavond”. In Poland kids will get their presents early in the morning 🙂

Do you celebrate Saint Nicolas eve? Is it 5th or 6th of December?

sinterklaas-en-zwarte-piet-op-de-tocht [1]

Here some pictures of my beautiful “Christmas decorated house”:)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Enjoy the evening,



[1] http://extravaganzalist.blogspot.nl/2010/12/pakjesavond.html