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What I ate… Saturday 24th of August 2013



So the chance that my baby boy will be a Leo is just gone. It’s 24th of August, that means it will be a Virgo. Still good, right?:)



Getting back to the point… See below what I ate on Saturday:)


Again I woke up very early. That was definitely not a time to eat a proper breakfast. Therefore I choose the same as yesterday… A bowl of milk with raspberry juice,  and muesli.




Two sandwiches with butter, cheese and cucumber. An apple and plums.

bread with cheese apple and plum



We were shopping in the local grocery shop and we saw ice creams made of farmer’s diary…. Hmm… Since I’ve never tried an ice cream like this, I decided to give it a chance. It was a vanilla ice cream with milk chocolate and almonds. Well, it wasn’t MAGNUM. It was definitely less fat and it tasted more healthy, if that makes sense…

farmers ice cream farmers ice cream2



I was so hungry today, I had to eat an extra sandwich before dinner. White bread and melted cheese with chives.

oberlander with melted cheese and chives



Beef goulash with carrot, zucchini, broccoli, paprika, onions, garlic , herbs, chilli and beer. The sauce was served with egg spätzle.

egg spatzle with beef goulash



I hardly drink any juices but sometimes I feel like drinking concentrated juices. I had a multifruit juice. Tasty!!!!

multifruit juice



Toasted bread with butter, herring in sour cream; and the other one with butter, cheese, onion, and cucumber.

herring in sour cream toasted bread with cheese


So that was it:)


Anna *OnMyDish.wordpress.com*

What I ate… Friday 23rd of August 2013



Ahhh…. no cauliflouwer soup today. What a pity! :(:(:(

Anyway, today’s dishes were also very attractive and tasty…

Let’s begin with breakfast:)


A bowl of milk with raspberry juice,  and muesli.



Pumpernickel with butter spread, turkey ham, half cottage cheese with tomato, yoghurt and chives, radish. As lunch “snack” a slice of pumpernickel with butter… Heh- my favourite combination when I was a kid:)

cottage cheese pumpernickel



Well, I did some grocery today in a neighbourhood village and local fruit-veggie shop. I couldn’t resist on not trying the wonders I bought.


Real farmer’s butter with yummy German bread “Oberländer”, one plum- just to taste if it’s good, a glass of milk and freshly picked sour apple.

plum sour apple


Home-made ala pizza on super thin crust, sorry for aesthetic but I didn’t pay attention to how it looks. Pizza crust was made of a mix of white and rye flour. Topping: mozzarella, hot ketchup, Bruschetta, herbs, garlic, onion, salmon and Maaslander cheese.




Two slices of bread with butter, turkey ham. Tomato with onion, chives and yoghurt.


After hard workout at the swimming pool that was not enough, so I ate an extra sandwich with butter and blueberry jam. Yummy…

blueberry jam

So that was it:)


Anna *OnMydish.wordpress.com*

What I ate… Thursday 22nd of August 2013


Hi there,



A bit of proteins and vitamins are always welcome:)

Pumpernickel with butter spread, turkey ham, cucumber, radish and cottage cheese with yoghurt and chives.

cottage cheese



This time split for two. One part before workout- cherries; second part after workout- plums, nectarines with natural yoghurt and a table spoon of muesli. Then as “dessert” a slice of pumpernickel with butter.

cherries plum nectarine youghurt muesli pumpernickel with butter



Ahh yea… I know, the third day in a row I ate the same soup- cauliflower soup. What can I say… I really like this soup so I couldn’t waste any leftovers. Next to my little bowl of soup, I had a nice “treat”- two slices of Camembert cheese with two slices brown bread and hot tomato ketchup. To drink… as most of the days… two cups of cultured buttermilk.

cauliflower soup Camembert cheese cultured buttermilk



Tea:) with a spoon of chocolate spread… Since I did workout twice that day I wanted to make sure I won’t loose too many calories. However, if you’re on a diet, I would skip that part… On the other hand… You can’t say “No” all the time to sweets, right???

chocolate spread



I drank so much liquids that, I was too full to eat anything beside cherries. I love cherries:)



Anna *OnMyDish.wordpress.com*

What I ate… Tuesday 20th of August 2013



Monday 19th of August there was my birthday but unfortunately I took no pictures:(

Anyway, what I ate on Tuesday kept me really positive since all of that is here I haven’t eat for ages. Those ingredients are not that easy to buy in the Netherlands. Luckily, in the weekend I did some grocery in Germany.


Scrambled eggs with chanterelles, chives and tomato. A piece of bread and a glass of milk.

Chanterelle scrambled eggs with chanterelle chives and tomato


Yellow plum and boiled corn on the cob.

yellow plum corn on the cob


Thee with melted “Ptasie mleczko”, a kind of Polish mashmallow in dark chocolate.

Wedel- ptasie mleczko ptasie mleczko

And melted version….

marshmallow in chcolate


Two dishes of cauliflower soup (chicken legs, celery, carrot, leek, cauliflower, garlic, bay leaf, salt, pepper, dill, parsley, barley). Yummy…

cauliflower soup


Potato pancakes with yoghurt and brown sugar:)

potato pancake potato pancakes


After hard workout at the swimming pool I must ate something extra. I ate big sandwich with butter and blackcurrant jam, plus a mug of cocoa.

It was pretty late, I forgot to take a picture…


Anna *OnMyDish.wordpress.com*

Black Friday and totally black pasta with salmon and sugar snap peas…




Today is a Black Friday – an official start of Christmas shopping season. Many shops offer great kick off deals 🙂


As often I decided to match my dish with what’s around me:)

In my opinion, this dish looks interesting and it literally matches the BLACK Friday and November’s black sky.

Some of you may think- Are these earthworms? Good news my dears’ it’s just a black pasta.

I like to buy interesting products. This pasta was definitely one of them.

Handmade pasta Maestri Pastai from Mercato San Severino, province Salerno in Italy which I heard is a good place for producing pasta…

I dug a bit more about this producer and I found the following:

Maestri Pastai stands in the market as one of the best producers in the Campania region, of specialty and traditional pasta, offering suggestions and up-to-date tastes. The factory produces various shapes of long and short pasta…
The black pasta was one of their specialties, next to other pastas. i.e. flavored, with cuttlefish, lemon, porcini mushrooms (boletus), artichokes, red pepper, spinach, the beetroot, tomato, turmeric and more for the most discerning palates [1].




– Durum wheat semolina cuttle fish pasta

– Sugar snap peas

– Salmon with skin

– Garlic, 1 clove per person

– Olive oil

– Juice of fresh lemon

– Salt with algae and pepper to taste

– Chives to decorate



It’s really easy!

  1. Boil pasta.
  2. Fry salmon in olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Add squeezed garlic in the last minute of frying, sprinkle with lemon juice.
  3. Decorate with chives.


Let me know what you think of black pasta. I’m curious if you’d like to try something like that:)


Best greetings and have a nice Black Friday,




[1] http://www.maestripastai.biz/business/httpdocs/main/index.php?module=sezione_1_dettaglio&id_vs=4