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Apricot “Rafaello”…



Inspired by my previous discovery vegan, super quick banana cake… I decided to look around in vegan world of sweets.

My son loves sweets… which kid doesn’t? I wanted to find a healthy, easy and attractive sweet for my son. Once I’ve came across apricot “Rafaello”… I though I’ll give it a shot. I was surprised how quick it is and how tasty, especially when it’s still warm! We loved it and that’s definitely something I’ll make more times.

2016-04-09 17.07.47-apricot rafaello


  1. Half cup of dried apricots
  2. Half cup of sliced almonds (peeled)
  3. Half cup of coconut flakes
  4. Few drops of vanilla extract
  5. Pinch of salt


  1. Pour dried apricots in very hot water for few minutes.
  2. Drain apricots and place into the blender.
  3. Add the rest of ingredients into the blender and mix well until you get a sticky consistency.
  4. Farm balls (you can put a whole peeled almond inside if you wanted to).
  5. Coat with coconut flakes.
  6. Enjoy!!!

2016-04-09 16.56.49

2016-04-09 16.56.02

09-04-2016-apricot rafaello

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Halloween 2012


Hi everyone,

Halloween is closer and closer. Do you have any plans for a Halloween party?


Just surfing on a net, I found a great post about Halloween dishes.

I already did my pre-Halloween pumpkin “kopytka”. I’ll share it with you later this week. The original recipe is done based on potatoes. If you’re interested, click “here”.

For the moment, check it out. What do you think about such wonders?

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Happy Monday,



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