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What I ate… Tuesday 20th of August 2013



Monday 19th of August there was my birthday but unfortunately I took no pictures:(

Anyway, what I ate on Tuesday kept me really positive since all of that is here I haven’t eat for ages. Those ingredients are not that easy to buy in the Netherlands. Luckily, in the weekend I did some grocery in Germany.


Scrambled eggs with chanterelles, chives and tomato. A piece of bread and a glass of milk.

Chanterelle scrambled eggs with chanterelle chives and tomato


Yellow plum and boiled corn on the cob.

yellow plum corn on the cob


Thee with melted “Ptasie mleczko”, a kind of Polish mashmallow in dark chocolate.

Wedel- ptasie mleczko ptasie mleczko

And melted version….

marshmallow in chcolate


Two dishes of cauliflower soup (chicken legs, celery, carrot, leek, cauliflower, garlic, bay leaf, salt, pepper, dill, parsley, barley). Yummy…

cauliflower soup


Potato pancakes with yoghurt and brown sugar:)

potato pancake potato pancakes


After hard workout at the swimming pool I must ate something extra. I ate big sandwich with butter and blackcurrant jam, plus a mug of cocoa.

It was pretty late, I forgot to take a picture…


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Seasonal fruit lunch



Before I moved to the Netherlands, I had no idea that seasonal fruits may be so precious.

In Poland, supermarkets and grocery shops are providing more seasonal products than here.

I was very happy composing this fruit bowl but still missing other seasonal fruits that I used to eat before.

The things you can buy everywhere in Poland and I miss in the Netherlands are:



Rubus (well sometimes you can find it here… in the forest:)

Raspberries could be much cheaper!!!

Yellow cherries

Cherries (sour, not sweet ones)

Fragaria (wild forest strawberries)

Blueberries (wild forest blueberries, different than American blueberries)

Red gooseberries (available just in good grocery shops)

White gooseberries (well sometimes you can find them here)

Hmm, yummy!!!