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The listing is grouped into two sections: “buy-cook-eat-enjoy” and “health tips and facts”.

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  1. More about this blog…


  1. Apricot “Rafaello”…
  2. Asparagus soup with smoked salmon
  3. Autumn leaf colour- colourful salad with ginger-chili dressing
  4. Backed chicken in tomato sauce and white wine
  5. Baked figs with mozzarella, Serrano ham and rucola leaf…
  6. Banana omelette
  7. Black Friday and totally black pasta with salmon and sugar snap peas…
  8. Black lentil soup
  9. Bratwurst with mustard
  10. Bread rolls with…
  11. Buckwheat with white homemade cheese and beetroot salad
  12. Cheer up! Eat rye wholemeal bran cereal cookies with forest fruits and ice cream
  13. Chicken-orange from wok
  14. Chinese macaroni with shrimps and spam in curry sour crème sauce
  15. Chipotle guacamole burger
  16. Christmas potato stars and trees
  17. Christmas pumpkin soup
  18. Christmas vanilla pudding dessert
  19. Cooking in the Polish way- Bratwurst
  20. Coriander, my best friend??? Spicy chicken curry
  21. Creamy Coco Colada
  22. Crispy oysters- “Crispy Critters”
  23. Fat Thursday 2013
  24. Frosty sandwich
  25. Halloween 2012
  26. Hawaiian burger with homemade French Fries
  27. Key Lime Pie
  28. Tagiolini with komatsuna and cheese…
  29. Kopytka with onion
  30. Lunch idea
  31. Lunch idea- salad
  32. Macaroni with piccante salami and endive
  33. Macaroni with prawns, zucchini and green asparagus
  34. Macaroni with spinach and Greek cheese
  35. Madeira tomato
  36. Memories of Spain
  37. Organic vegetables-02-06-12
  38. Penne with shrimps, zucchini and cabbage
  39. Pesto feast
  40. Polish sausage
  41. Pork vegetable soup
  42. Potato casserole with aubergine and duck breast
  43. Pumkin kopytka a la gnocchi
  44. Raspberry-cream ice cream
  45. Rice with chili beans, king prawns and salami
  46. Rice with ham and lettuce salad
  47. Rucola salad with shrimps
  48. Seafood frittata
  49. Seafood risotto
  50. Seasonal fruit lunch
  51. Snack substitutes
  52. Sour spicy beef steak with Spätzle
  53. Soy yoghurt poffertjes…
  54. Spaghetti with spinach, snack tomatoes, walnuts…
  55. Spaghetti with tuna and avocado in tomato sauce
  56. Stuffed backed duck served with pearl barley
  57. Super simple summer salad
  58. Sushi from Yukimi Japanese Restaurant
  59. Sweetened condensed milk with puffed spelt “candies”…
  60. Tagiolini with komatsuna and cheese…
  61. Tagliolini with vegetable strings and walnuts
  62. The last day of November- chocolate cake and skewers
  63. Time for pizza?
  64. Toast pizza with salad
  65. Tosti with blue cheese and tomato
  66. Typical American breakfast
  67. Vanilla soy yoghurt cake…
  68. Vegan courgette cutlet…
  69. Vegan, super quick banana cake…
  70. Vegetarian broad bean  – navy bean cutlets with toasts
  71. Veggie omelette with bacon…
  72. Warm appelbol with warm vanilla sauce
  73. White cheese omelette with strawberries


  1. What I ate today… Monday 5th of August 2013
  2. What I ate… Tuesday 6th of August 2013
  3. What I ate… Wednesday 7th of August 2013
  4. What I ate today… Saturday 10th of August 2013
  5. What I ate… on Sunday 11th of August 2013
  6. What I ate… Tuesday 20th of August 2013
  7. What I ate… Wednesday 21rst of August 2013
  8. What I ate… Thursday 22nd of August 2013
  9. What I ate… Friday 23rd of August 2013
  10. What I ate… Saturday 24th of August 2013
  11. What I ate… Wednesday 28th of August 2013
  12. What I ate… Thursday 29th of August 2013
  13. What I ate… Thursday 24th of April 2014
  14. What I ate… Thursday 15th of May 2014
  15. Paella in Calella…
  16. What I ate on Monday… My delicious breakfast!


  1. Detoxed Lifestyle Challenge…
  2. Healthy food hunter
  3. Hot summer and my birthday
  4. Eat Local, Think Global…
  5. Few facts about minced meat…
  6. Fresh food all year round…
  7. Future Food…
  8. It’s the summertime…
  9. Organic food and health
  10. Sweets…
  11. The beneficial influence of vegetables on our weight
  12. The correlation of vitamin-D and weight



  1. 12 grapes- New Year’s Eve 2012
  2. Christmas decoration at work
  3. Explore Gdansk
  4. First year of blog 2012-2013
  5. Happy Easter Everyone
  6. Hello Kitty Limo
  7. Limitations…
  8. Merry Christmas
  9. Saint Nicholas’ eve 2012
  10. Waffles…
  11. It’s now two years… 2012-2014