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Veggie omelette with bacon…



A bit spontaneous but why not….
I had some leftovers from the day before: cooked potatoes, carrots and green beans.

I decided to make an interesting dish out of it…

I fried bacon with red onion, added the leftovers, add herbs and spices (black pepper, cayenne pepper, cumin, and thyme). Then I fried it for a couple of minutes and poured with an omelette cake (two eggs, salt, 50ml water and two tablespoons of flour). I fired it for about seven minutes, then changed sides and fried for another four minutes.

Veggie omelette with bacon

Voila, That’s it enjoy your dish!

Anna **


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“Frosty” sandwich


Hi there,

Are you bored with your breakfast? Inspired by nature and a first light frost overnight, this proposition seems to me to be the best for this time of the year…

I usually eat a sandwich for breakfast… cold, with cheese, ham and some veggies.

Once in a while, I like to surprise myself and prepare something that looks more sophisticated.

This is super easy, super quick, super tasty and WARM sandwich:) Great for autumn!

Al-fal-fa looks to me a little bit like beautiful and excessive frost on grass.

Pict. source [2]

In Arabic, the name Al-fal-fa means “father of all foods” or “best food” [1]. It’s rich in minerals and has an amazing taste. It has great structure and gives a bit of crunchy effect. I really like it.

Do you like it? Would you eat such breakfast?

Here’s how to make it.


Ingredients (for 1 person):

– 1 slice of German Milk Bread or more:)

– Butter

– Mozzarella

– Alfalfa sprouts



  1. Spread butter on both sides of bread
  2. Fry to melt on one side.
  3. Turn, cover with sliced mozzarella and fry unit butter and mozzarella melt.
  4. Decorate with Alfalfa sprouts.


Enjoy your healthy meal, **





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Seasonal fruit lunch



Before I moved to the Netherlands, I had no idea that seasonal fruits may be so precious.

In Poland, supermarkets and grocery shops are providing more seasonal products than here.

I was very happy composing this fruit bowl but still missing other seasonal fruits that I used to eat before.

The things you can buy everywhere in Poland and I miss in the Netherlands are:



Rubus (well sometimes you can find it here… in the forest:)

Raspberries could be much cheaper!!!

Yellow cherries

Cherries (sour, not sweet ones)

Fragaria (wild forest strawberries)

Blueberries (wild forest blueberries, different than American blueberries)

Red gooseberries (available just in good grocery shops)

White gooseberries (well sometimes you can find them here)

Hmm, yummy!!!


Tosti with blue cheese and tomato



Hmm, there is nothing better than spoil yourself with a homemade tosti.

Once I ate it, I felt like I was in heaven! After a long period of rain, wind and clouds it was finally sunny and warm. I had great and healthy lunch in my hand. I felt great. I wish all of you could enjoy and feel happy with such a simple things and really enjoy what you eat. Cooking is an art, take advantage of it. You can make it simple; it’s still fine and brings a lot of satisfaction…

Today on my dish was: Tosti with blue cheese and tomato


–         (White) bread

–         Cherry tomatoes

–         Blue cheese

–         Fresh basil

–         Salt and pepper


  1. Cut bread into thick slices
  2. Cut blue cheese into thick slices
  3. Cut tomatoes into half
  4. Cover one slice with all ingredients
  5. Season with salt and pepper
  6. Cover with fresh basil
  7. Top with the other slice
  8. Put in a toaster for couple of minutes
  9. Done:)

*Enjoy your meal*

At the background of that pictures, that’s my cat 🙂

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Lunch idea



Hey, look at this. I mean what could be better than so great and tasty lunch at work?

FYI: do not think that I eat that little. I just split my lunches in two parts;) I can’t wait that long after my breakfast and I do not like to eat that much in the mornings. I’m not an “early bird” so I prefer to do more and eat more in the afternoons.

This time on my dish was: baguette with mozzarella and tomato. Plus strawberries…


–          Baguette

–          Butter

–          Mozzarella

–          Lettuce

–          Tomato

–          Salt, pepper, basil, thyme and rosemary

–           Strawberries


1.         Just look at the picture:)

Very simple and so yummy.

*Enjoy your lunch*