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Paella in Calella…



2014-06-27 15.20.46

I couldn’t resist to share it with you… We were in Spain, Calella and I ate the best ever paella. We ordered it at the beach and the result was far better than expected. The presentation was very good too… What do you think?

Do you like paellas?




Anna **


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Time for pizza?



I love Italian cuisine and I do like pizza. If I recall correct in 2012 there were three times that I ate pizza.

May 2012- when I bought pizza for dinner…

October 2012- when I moved to my new house and I had no kitchen running…

November 2012- at my friends’ place…

I am normally very enthusiastic about cooking dinners but sometimes you just can’t avoid eating pre-packaged food. When I choose on my own, I try to buy as healthy food as possible. I must say, the pizza I present here is was really good- with mozzarella, salami, dried tomatoes, spinach and walnuts… Nutrition and ingredients were very acceptable. The taste was really great! Not mentioning aesthetic aspect…

pizza rom Albert Hein pizza pizza backed pizza backed pizza from AH

How often do you eat pizza? Is it homemade, from a supermarket or pizza in a restaurant? What are your favourite ingredients?

Best greetings,

Warm appelbol with warm vanilla sauce



Let me just shorty present the first week of December.

As you already remember from my post about Saint Nicolas’ Eve it started to snow;)


On Thursday, Friday and Saturday we had the most beautiful days. Everything was covered with snow.

Such cold temperature encourages me to go out. Motivated by weather conditions I went to Koffiehuis de Heerlijckheid in Nijmegen.  It’s a great place to rest and eat something delicious in a nice cosy atmosphere.


I decided to eat “Warm appelbol with warm vanilla sauce”.

I was really surprised with delicate and balanced taste of slightly salted cake, delicious apples and wonderful vanilla sauce. Everything was just perfect.



warm appelbol with vanilla sauce SAMSUNG

Below are some pictures of my “white” neighbourhood… 🙂


My cat didn’t like snow…


And the other day…

winter winter2 winter3


Best greetings,

Anna **





Hawaiian burger with homemade French Fries




This weekend I ate my dinner at LaPlace restaurant ( in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. With incredible view of Downtown and the river, I enjoyed my Hawaiian burger with mustard sauce and homemade French Fries.

I can’t recall eating a burger with pineapple… Well, I loved that combination.

French Fries were just excellent!

Best greetings,

Anna **

Memories of Spain



Some of you may have already noticed that I like to share with you interesting dishes. Two weeks ago I was in Spain. Today I want to show you a bit of Spanish cuisine that I ate during my holiday at Costa del Maresme, in Catalonia.

Due to Spain’s maritime roots you can get really good quality seafood. Spain is not only known from that but also from Jamón Serrano, chorizo, lentils, paellas, churros and many more…

During my holiday I concentrated on 1-3-ingredient meat or seafood dishes.

Things that caught my attention were:

Jamón Serrano

Fried calamari rings

Baked octopus with potato


Less-known sangria blanca, delicious…

Grilled chicken with tomato onion salad and toasts

Great atmosphere in a cosy restaurant in Calella

Spanish blue tiles

Not mine but… 🙂

Last but not least, yummy Oreo ice cream from Ferretti

What is the favourite dish you have eaten recently?

See you next week 🙂


Anna **

Crispy oysters- “Crispy Critters”



Once you travel, you can try local food. “Crispy Critters” from “Catch of the day” restaurant in Dolphin Mall in Miami was something that made a very good impression on me!

I’ve never tried fried oysters and this was a great opportunity for me to check it out.

On my dish were: “Crispy Critters”.


  1. Beer battered
  2. Crispy fried


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Key Lime Pie



The food I present is Joe’s Crab Shack specialty! A tart pie in a graham cracker crust, topped with whipped cream. Really great and reminds me of hot summer.


–          5 egg yolks

–          1 can of sweetened condensed milk

–          ½ cup of “key” lime juice

–          1 ½ cups of graham crackers

–          ¼ cup of sugar

–          1/3 cup of melted butter

–          Whipped cream


  1. Mix in a bowl crackers and sugar. Pour in the butter and mix all ingredients. If you don’t have graham crackers, use any other crackers.
  2. Press into the pie plate and bake in ca. 180 oC for about 8-10 minutes.
  3. Cool down, preferably in the fridge, before using it.
  4. Combine the egg yolks, sweetened condensed milk and lime juice. Mix well all ingredients. Pour into the graham cracker crust. Bake in ca. 180 oC for 30 minutes.
  5. Allow to cool down.
  6. Top with whipped cream.

It’s really easy and very tasty.

Enjoy! **

Typical American breakfast


Talking about typical American meals I can’t omit this one: toasts with scrambled egg, bacon, sausages, and orange juice.

That was my breakfast.

– Toasts
– Eggs
– Bacon
– Sausage
– Butter
– Orange juice

1. Make toast
2. Fry the rest in huge amount of fat:)

Ooo, believe me it was so fat…
If you eat a meal like this, you understand immediately why some Americans are so corpulent 😦
Neither Cola, nor hot tea were able to dissolve it. Such breakfast is definitely not my style. If you want to stay in shape, better avoid a meal like this.



Chipotle guacamole burger

Hi there,
Sorry for not being with you guys those last few days.
I’m on holiday and it’s difficult to find an opportunity to write about food, not mentioning cooking it 🙂
I was waiting and hoping to find for you couple interesting recipies and I found one.
That was the first day where I decided to eat typical SUPER SIZE ME dish = a burger 🙂
I don’t eat burgers that often but if I had this kind of burgers around me I would eat them very freuently…
Since in Florida, in my opinion, you can find as many Mexicans as Americans, the combinaction of these two cuisines: a burger with guacamole & Chili sauce was really a fantastic choice.
On my dish was: Chipotle guacamole burger
– Beef
– Chipotle sauce
– Guacamole
– Cheddar-Jack
– A single fried onion ring
I need to find out 🙂
Believe me, that was the best burger I’ve ever eaten. Juicy meat, spicy sauce, great natural French fries, and super tasty Cesar salad. It was really delicious.