What I ate on Monday… My delicious breakfast!



You probably remember that I love waffles… 🙂


During my stay in America I ate them almost every day for breakfast. The American waffles are quite simple what you can see my old post here. You eat them either with jam or with maple syrup. The one I ate today was much more exciting and tasty. It was made by my husband’s sister, not a wafflebot or a package. You taste the difference immediately. The topping which I applied made my waffle even more spectacular 😉

I spreaded fromage blanc, decorate the waffle with freshly picked up fruits from my garden (gooseberry, blueberry and wild strawberry) and pour with maple syrup… Yummy!!!

Here’s the result:



It was so delicious!!! Do you like waffles too?


Anna *OnMyDish.wordpress.com*


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