Eat Local, Think Global…



We are often told to eat and act locally but with an increased amount of oversees products on our shelves, I start to think… who in fact does follow this rule? We are so prone to buy easy food. Already chopped for us, fresh for a week, ready and easy to use. Is it really healthy? More than a year ago I have noticed that the taste of salad that is washed, chopped and packed is suspiciously strange. In fact, it wasn’t tasty at all! It didn’t taste like a salad! The ingredients label indicated just the salad…. What about the chemicals that were not mentioned but easy to taste? Why everyone is lying to us? Why for example all “healthy” packed orange juices taste all the same, all year long? We are living in an extremely deceitful world. Just becoming more unhealthy, weak and obese…

For everyone who has a bit of interest in a healthy life style I recommend this great youtube movie!

Click the link to see it:

Eat Local Think Global – Rujuta Diwekar Health Tips – Indian Food Wisdom

eat local think global


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