What I ate… Thursday 15th of May 2014




There are days that I don’t know what to eat and I don’t want to eat. This Thursday was such a day.

When I woke up I already knew it’s going to be an unusual day…



I started my breakfast with yoghurt and muesli.

2014-05-15 09.01.01



Before going to swim I decided to eat at least some bread. I didn’t feel like eating my own bread so I decided for quick carbs and fat. I ate toasted hamburger bun with butter, cheese and pickles. To drink I had a half liter cup of tea.




For lunch I had another half liter cup of tea and an apple, bread with butter and double cheese, pickles, plus fried German sausages with Mexican ketchup and mustard.

2014-05-15 14.39.59



I was full and I didn’t feel like eating anything heavy. This dish reminded me times when I was young. Cooked potatoes, carrots, cauliflower and asparagus, topped with butter and breadcrumbs, and served with a fried egg.

This picture isn’t so aesthetic, I ruined my egg while serving in on my dish… Well, it happens! 🙂


For drink I had Belgium beer, Kriek MAX:) I love it!

15-05-2014-Kriek Max



As this day was pretty different from what I eat normally, and I really didn’t feel like eating a proper supper, I decided to treat myself with two spoons of Cote D’or Milk chocolate.

15-05-2014-Cote Dor Melk


Summarising my day… It wasn’t sophisticated at all. It looked a bit trashy but that’s how I felt as well. I think it’s pretty human to have these days when you absolutely don’t want to invest any time and energy in cooking, and even worse, you don’t know what you want to eat! Luckily the day after I had my taste and energy back…



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