What I ate… Thursday 22nd of August 2013


Hi there,



A bit of proteins and vitamins are always welcome:)

Pumpernickel with butter spread, turkey ham, cucumber, radish and cottage cheese with yoghurt and chives.

cottage cheese



This time split for two. One part before workout- cherries; second part after workout- plums, nectarines with natural yoghurt and a table spoon of muesli. Then as “dessert” a slice of pumpernickel with butter.

cherries plum nectarine youghurt muesli pumpernickel with butter



Ahh yea… I know, the third day in a row I ate the same soup- cauliflower soup. What can I say… I really like this soup so I couldn’t waste any leftovers. Next to my little bowl of soup, I had a nice “treat”- two slices of Camembert cheese with two slices brown bread and hot tomato ketchup. To drink… as most of the days… two cups of cultured buttermilk.

cauliflower soup Camembert cheese cultured buttermilk



Tea:) with a spoon of chocolate spread… Since I did workout twice that day I wanted to make sure I won’t loose too many calories. However, if you’re on a diet, I would skip that part… On the other hand… You can’t say “No” all the time to sweets, right???

chocolate spread



I drank so much liquids that, I was too full to eat anything beside cherries. I love cherries:)



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