What I ate… Wednesday 21rst of August 2013




Raspberry leaf tea. A slice of white bread with butter, chicken ham together with half package of cottage cheese, tomato, onion and yoghurt. Further I ate yellow plum:)

breakfast yellow plum


Again a piece of bread with scrambled eggs with chanterelles, chives and tomato. A can of Cola light, no Caffeine.

Coca Cola Gold scrambled eggs with chanterelles


Again the same, two dishes of cauliflower soup (chicken legs, celery, carrot, leek, cauliflower, garlic, bay leaf, salt, pepper, dill, parsley, barley). Yummy….!!!!

cauliflower soup


Two plums and a cup of tea.

thee time


A slice of brown bread and a slice of pumpernickel with butter, turkey ham, cheese, onion, tomato and two glasses of milk.

supper supper2

The food I ate was all so yummy!!!!


Anna *OnMyDish.wordpress.com*

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  1. Bo ja wiem, 4 kromki chleba to nie tak mało… 2 syte talerze zupy również…. Teraz siedzę w domu, więc i zapotrzebowanie jest ciut mniejsze niż normalnie. A porcje na tych zdjęciach chyba wyglądają na małe…

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