First year of blog 2012-2013




It’s been a while since I wrote my last post. My life has changed in the last months what you also see by decreased number of posts.

I really miss the time when I posted delicious recipes a couple times a week. Now it’s rather just a couple times a month.


Well, it’s been now a year since I put my first post 🙂  I still cook every day and I still love it. I just have limited time to take photos, edit, write text, etc.


It’s now almost the end of May and still in the Netherlands there is no spring. That’s a bit demotivating 😉

Nevertheless, I am optimistic and very curious what the other year of my blogging adventure will bring 😉

what is next

Well, for now on I congratulate myself on what I did the last year!

Let’s see what the next 12 months will bring “on my dish”.


It’s again asparagus season, so I hope in the coming days I will show you an interesting recipe with the use of green asparagus 😉





If you are interested in my other posts, I encourage you to make use of “Post Index” where you can locate and learn about all the posts on my blog.



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