12 grapes- New Year’s Eve 2012



How did you celebrate New Year’s Eve?

For the first time I celebrated it a bit differently:) I do not mean being on party but what happens at midnight:)

In Poland, people open Champaign and drink it, wishing each other Happy New Year. This year I followed the Spanish tradition of eating twelve grapes.


12 grapes

The idea originated probably in 1909, when grape producers promoted eating the grapes due to an overproduction…

We took twelve grapes and ate one with every chime of the clock. By the time the clock has finished we were supposed to have finished our grapes as well. If you eat all 12 grapes you will have 12 months good luck… I managed to eat all on time. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? 🙂 So let’s see what 2013 will bring…:):):)

my 12 grapes

In case you suffer from energy depletion today, I present an interesting table with caffeine content:)

Product Mg/100ml [2] Approximate applied quantity Mg/unit
Coffee- filter 70 250ml 175
Decaf 2.5 250ml 6.25
Tea- black 15-30 250ml 37.5-75
Cola 10 330ml 33
Ice tea 9 330ml 29.7
Energy drink 30 330ml 99
Pure chocolate 70 17g (1 line- 4 cubes) 11.9
Milk chocolate 20 17g (1 line- 4 cubes) 3.4

Enjoy your evening!



[1] http://rock-ur-party.tablespoon.com/2011/12/22/new-years-party-themes/

[2] “Voeding Nu”, p. 18, Nummer 11, November 2012

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