Warm appelbol with warm vanilla sauce



Let me just shorty present the first week of December.

As you already remember from my post about Saint Nicolas’ Eve it started to snow;)


On Thursday, Friday and Saturday we had the most beautiful days. Everything was covered with snow.

Such cold temperature encourages me to go out. Motivated by weather conditions I went to Koffiehuis de Heerlijckheid in Nijmegen.  It’s a great place to rest and eat something delicious in a nice cosy atmosphere.


I decided to eat “Warm appelbol with warm vanilla sauce”.

I was really surprised with delicate and balanced taste of slightly salted cake, delicious apples and wonderful vanilla sauce. Everything was just perfect.



warm appelbol with vanilla sauce SAMSUNG

Below are some pictures of my “white” neighbourhood… 🙂


My cat didn’t like snow…


And the other day…

winter winter2 winter3


Best greetings,

Anna *OnMyDish.wordpress.com*



[1] http://hezelstraatnijmegen.nl/images/deelnemers/Stikke54/Koffiehuis-De-Heerlijckheid-16.jpg


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