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Black Friday and totally black pasta with salmon and sugar snap peas…




Today is a Black Friday – an official start of Christmas shopping season. Many shops offer great kick off deals 🙂


As often I decided to match my dish with what’s around me:)

In my opinion, this dish looks interesting and it literally matches the BLACK Friday and November’s black sky.

Some of you may think- Are these earthworms? Good news my dears’ it’s just a black pasta.

I like to buy interesting products. This pasta was definitely one of them.

Handmade pasta Maestri Pastai from Mercato San Severino, province Salerno in Italy which I heard is a good place for producing pasta…

I dug a bit more about this producer and I found the following:

Maestri Pastai stands in the market as one of the best producers in the Campania region, of specialty and traditional pasta, offering suggestions and up-to-date tastes. The factory produces various shapes of long and short pasta…
The black pasta was one of their specialties, next to other pastas. i.e. flavored, with cuttlefish, lemon, porcini mushrooms (boletus), artichokes, red pepper, spinach, the beetroot, tomato, turmeric and more for the most discerning palates [1].




– Durum wheat semolina cuttle fish pasta

– Sugar snap peas

– Salmon with skin

– Garlic, 1 clove per person

– Olive oil

– Juice of fresh lemon

– Salt with algae and pepper to taste

– Chives to decorate



It’s really easy!

  1. Boil pasta.
  2. Fry salmon in olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Add squeezed garlic in the last minute of frying, sprinkle with lemon juice.
  3. Decorate with chives.


Let me know what you think of black pasta. I’m curious if you’d like to try something like that:)


Best greetings and have a nice Black Friday,





“Frosty” sandwich


Hi there,

Are you bored with your breakfast? Inspired by nature and a first light frost overnight, this proposition seems to me to be the best for this time of the year…

I usually eat a sandwich for breakfast… cold, with cheese, ham and some veggies.

Once in a while, I like to surprise myself and prepare something that looks more sophisticated.

This is super easy, super quick, super tasty and WARM sandwich:) Great for autumn!

Al-fal-fa looks to me a little bit like beautiful and excessive frost on grass.

Pict. source [2]

In Arabic, the name Al-fal-fa means “father of all foods” or “best food” [1]. It’s rich in minerals and has an amazing taste. It has great structure and gives a bit of crunchy effect. I really like it.

Do you like it? Would you eat such breakfast?

Here’s how to make it.


Ingredients (for 1 person):

– 1 slice of German Milk Bread or more:)

– Butter

– Mozzarella

– Alfalfa sprouts



  1. Spread butter on both sides of bread
  2. Fry to melt on one side.
  3. Turn, cover with sliced mozzarella and fry unit butter and mozzarella melt.
  4. Decorate with Alfalfa sprouts.


Enjoy your healthy meal, **





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Autumn leaf colour- colourful salad with ginger-chili dressing



It’s autumn. What I like the most about this time of the year is the colour of leaves. It’s so beautiful, changing, rich and powerful!

Inspired by nature, I present the following: colourful salad with ginger-chili dressing.

Ingredients (for 2 people):

–          1 small salad

–          ½ onion

–          Juice of 1 lemon

–          1tsp. sesame oil

–          1tbsp. soya sauce

–          2 carrots

–          1x1cm ginger

–          1 fresh red chili with ½ seeds

–          1tbsp. olive oil extra virgin

–          1tsp. honey


  1. Blend olive oil, sesame oil and soya sauce in a food processor.
  2. Add onion, ginger, chili and lemon juice. Cut and blend it with use of a food processor.
  3. Peel off the carrots and slice them. Cook in small amount of water unit tender-crisp to maximise flavour. Add honey and cook shortly.
  4. Decorate a platter with pre-washed salad. Top with carrots and sprinkle ginger-chili dressing over the top.

What do you think about my idea?

Enjoy your meal,




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Pumkin kopytka a la gnocchi



Halloween, autumn is a great time to eat pumpkin.

“Kopytka” are made from potatoes but this time I used pumpkin.

The way of preparation is similar to gnocchi but you make “kopytka” without cheese.

This time I share with you two versions… cooked and fried the day after. See below:)

Ingredients (for 4 people):
– 1 medium size pumpkin (ca. 1,5kg)
– 3 cup flour (ca. 600-750g)
– 3 eggs
– 1tsp. salt
– 1/2tsp. pepper
– 2 onions
– 2 garlic cloves
– 1tsp. butter to fry
– 1tsp. dried sage/salvia

1. Bake pumpkin in temperature 200oCelcius, for 1 hour. Let it cool down for about half an hour.
2. Peel off the skin and remove the pits.
3. Place in a food processor, add salt, pepper and blend.
4. Add flour and eggs, blend again. You may need to adjust amount of flour. If you want to have a regular perfect shape you will need more flour. This time I didn’t pay attention to shape. I wanted to achieve more “wild” irregular shape and made the cake more pouring.
5. Boil water with a bit of salt (ca. 1/2tsp); pour kopytka in water and bring to cook. Cook for about 4 minutes.
5. In the meantime, chop onion and fry in a pan with butter. After a while add sliced garlic and sage. Fry until glassy.
7. Serve kopytka with onion and garlic.
8. Voila 🙂

I also present my day after dish with meatballs and salad.


  1. Fry previously cooked pumpkin kopyka.
  2. Serve with anything else you want:)

Enjoy your meal,


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