Halloween 2012


Hi everyone,

Halloween is closer and closer. Do you have any plans for a Halloween party?


Just surfing on a net, I found a great post about Halloween dishes.

I already did my pre-Halloween pumpkin “kopytka”. I’ll share it with you later this week. The original recipe is done based on potatoes. If you’re interested, click “here”.

For the moment, check it out. What do you think about such wonders?

[1] Sandwiches



[4] Scary, amazing! Witchy-Finger sandwiches from bread and almonds

[3] Watermelon brain

[5] Cupcakes



[1] Cake pops

Happy Monday,



[0] http://sf.funcheap.com/super-hero-halloween-blood-drive-embarcadero/

[1] http://wizaz.pl/Kulinaria/Nowosci-kulinarne/Halloween-dekoracja-potraw

[2] http://www.socialspanish.com/messages/boards/thread/27972632/

[3] http://www.365halloween.com/halloween-food/fun-healthy-halloween-snacks.php

[4] http://mixingbowlkids.typepad.com/kids/2009/10/witchy-finger-sandwiches.html

[5] http://simplyfreshottawa.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/vampire-cupcake-google-image.jpg

[6] http://www.squidoo.com/halloweencupcakeideas

[7] http://www.tastespotting.com/detail/185786/Halloween-gravestone-cakes

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