Vegetarian broad bean – navy bean cutlets with toasts



This dish was made in end of July, so still the season for broad beans. In the Netherlands you won’t buy peeled off broad bins. You buy them in pods. It was a long process before I finally could eat and enjoy this delicious dish. First, I had to remove the beans from their pods, then boiling to loosen their exterior coating, and finally remove this coating before further processing. Of course it was time consuming but definitely worth of that work. These cutlets were really delicious! Sweet onion enhanced delicate taste of broad beans, garlic together with Gorgonzola matched perfectly. The combination of all those different tastes reminded me of France. Everything was amazing, so crispy and tasty.


– 1 portion broad bean (ca. 200g)

– 1 portion navy bean (ca. 200g)

– 2 eggs

– 1 chopped sweet onion

– Salt and pepper to taste (ca. 1/2tsp. of each)

– Bread crumbs to coat cutlets before frying

– Oil for frying

– Sliced bread

– Gorgonzola cheese (ca. 200g)

– 1 garlic clove, big

– Thyme to top


  1. Slice bread, top with Gorgonzola cheese and pressed garlic. Decorate with fresh thyme.
  2. Bake bread in oven until cheese gets brown.
  3. Precooked broad beans and navy beans mash in a soup bowl.
  4. Add eggs, salt and pepper, mix.
  5. Make small balls and coat with bread crumbs, fry on deep oil until brown.
  6. Serve together with toasted bread.

Let me know if you liked it:)

So let’s begin…

These were my two assistants:)

Preparing toasts:

The cutlets:

Yummy result:)


*Enjoy your meal*

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