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Hi there,

I am not in my kitchen this week because I am on short holidays in my hometown Gdansk. Obviously, I can’t cook anything what from time to time is a good thing.

Let me shortly write some information about my city.

Gdansk in Poland, is a city on the Baltic coast at the southern part of the Gulf of Gdansk. Together with two other cities, spa town of Sopot and Gdynia, Gdansk forms a metropoly called Tricity (in Polish called Trójmiasto) with a total population of around 1 million inhabitants. Gdansk is an important Polish seaport and shipbuilding center. It has a rich history and a lot to offer from tourist point of view. It was one of the host cities for Euro 2012:)

If you look for more info, just google it:)

Hey, all pics were taken with my mobile, forgive that poor quality…

Photo taken from http://www.gdansk.pl

The proud of Gdansk, Gdansk beer.

Fried halibut

Duck breast with dumplings and backed apple

Another proud of Gdansk, amber…

Couple pictures of Gulf of Gdansk (Gdansk Bay):

And a bit of downtown:

Neptun Fountain at Long Market

Town Hall


Motlawa River

Motlawa River

Mariacka Street

Crest of Gdansk…

I love my city!

I wish you a great day!

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