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Crispy oysters- “Crispy Critters”



Once you travel, you can try local food. “Crispy Critters” from “Catch of the day” restaurant in Dolphin Mall in Miami was something that made a very good impression on me!

I’ve never tried fried oysters and this was a great opportunity for me to check it out.

On my dish were: “Crispy Critters”.


  1. Beer battered
  2. Crispy fried


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Macaroni with piccante salami and endive



Viva España!!!

Somehow this dish reminds me of Spain which perfectly matches the place where I am now.

Some time ago on my dish was: macaroni with piccante salami and endive

It is delicious for a warm evening in salad but also for a colder day in warm meal. Hmm, for the ones who have never eaten endive; it is slightly bitter vegetable. There are different ways of its preparation: baking, steaming, cooking, served raw. This time I decided to cook it and get a bit of Spanish accent.

Ingredients (for 2 people):

– Ca. 250g macaroni

– 125g salami, peeled off

– 1 onion

– Glass of milk

– Juice of ½ lemon

– 1tbsp. flour

– ½ endive

– ½ jar of dried tomatoes in olive oil

– ½ tsp. chili


  1. Cook macaroni.
  2. Cut salami and fry for several minutes to melt the fat.
  3. Add chopped onion and tomatoes, fry for couple minutes.
  4. Slice endive. To neutralise the specific bitter taste, scald in boiling water for couple minutes. Drain and flood with fresh, cold water. Add to a frying-pan.
  5. Mix milk, flour and lemon in separate container, add to frying-pan for thickening the sauce.
  6. Add chili and cook for couple of minutes.
  7. Drain macaroni, serve.

*Enjoy your meal*

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Tagliolini with vegetable strings and walnuts



Make your pasta colourful and rouse! This time I decided for tagliolini which is a variation of tagliatelle (an Italian pasta). Tagliolini has long and cylindrical shape in contrast to flat shape of tagliatelle. I thought matching flat and round structures will be a nice differentiating detail that will make my pasta more exciting. Both tagliatelle and tagliolini are great for thick sauces but also for less rich ones. To enrich taste and give it a luxury tint I decided to add walnuts.

Ingredients (for 2 people):

– 250g tagliolini

– 1 garlic clove

– 1 zucchini

– 3 carrots

– Pesto

– Parmigiano

– Walnuts, 4 per person

– Olive oil

– Salt to taste


  1. Peel off carrots and cut lengthwise into thin slices.
  2. Slice in the same way zucchini (with skin).
  3. Cook vegetables without salt.
  4. At the same time cook tagliolini.
  5. Press garlic and fry until start gets brown.
  6. Cooked and drained tagliolini mix with fried garlic.
  7. Drain vegetables and lay down on tagliolini.
  8. Top with a tablespoon of pesto.
  9. Decorate with walnuts and sprinkle with olive oil and Parmigiano.
  10. Salt to taste if needed.

Let me know what you think of this recipe:)

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*Enjoy your meal*

Hot summer and my birthday


Hi there,

It was my birthday today and also very TROPICAL day. You probably remember me talking about cold summer this year. Well, this week was very generous for us… It was nice and hot.

This post has nothing to do with any recipe but just express my joy. There is nothing better than having such a beautiful weather during your birthday:)

Here is my honest smile:

Chili pepper reminds of today’s hot temperature and lemon adds the summer taste and refreshing feeling.



Vegetarian broad bean – navy bean cutlets with toasts



This dish was made in end of July, so still the season for broad beans. In the Netherlands you won’t buy peeled off broad bins. You buy them in pods. It was a long process before I finally could eat and enjoy this delicious dish. First, I had to remove the beans from their pods, then boiling to loosen their exterior coating, and finally remove this coating before further processing. Of course it was time consuming but definitely worth of that work. These cutlets were really delicious! Sweet onion enhanced delicate taste of broad beans, garlic together with Gorgonzola matched perfectly. The combination of all those different tastes reminded me of France. Everything was amazing, so crispy and tasty.


– 1 portion broad bean (ca. 200g)

– 1 portion navy bean (ca. 200g)

– 2 eggs

– 1 chopped sweet onion

– Salt and pepper to taste (ca. 1/2tsp. of each)

– Bread crumbs to coat cutlets before frying

– Oil for frying

– Sliced bread

– Gorgonzola cheese (ca. 200g)

– 1 garlic clove, big

– Thyme to top


  1. Slice bread, top with Gorgonzola cheese and pressed garlic. Decorate with fresh thyme.
  2. Bake bread in oven until cheese gets brown.
  3. Precooked broad beans and navy beans mash in a soup bowl.
  4. Add eggs, salt and pepper, mix.
  5. Make small balls and coat with bread crumbs, fry on deep oil until brown.
  6. Serve together with toasted bread.

Let me know if you liked it:)

So let’s begin…

These were my two assistants:)

Preparing toasts:

The cutlets:

Yummy result:)


*Enjoy your meal*

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Creamy Coco Colada



During my holiday in Florida at Joe’s Crab Shack I drank a great cocktail drink: Creamy Coco Colada

I have tried to make it on my own and made several variations with advocate ice cream, with crème ice cream, less or more ice and pineapple. I came to a conclusion that crème ice cream is better than the advocate ice cream, too much pineapple make it too sweet and too heavy, the more crushed ice, the better:). To give you a chance to experiment, I will share with you the original recipe taken from Joe’s Crab Shack recipe book.


–          1 part Malibu Coconut Rum

–          1 part ice cream

–          2tsp crushed pineapple

–          4 parts pina colada mix

–          Ice


  1. In a blender combine the coconut rum, pina colada mix, crushed pineapple and ice cream.
  2. Fill with ice and blend on high until creamy.

And below are my babies:)


It’s still summer… Great time to refresh yourself with such cocktail.


Seasonal fruit lunch



Before I moved to the Netherlands, I had no idea that seasonal fruits may be so precious.

In Poland, supermarkets and grocery shops are providing more seasonal products than here.

I was very happy composing this fruit bowl but still missing other seasonal fruits that I used to eat before.

The things you can buy everywhere in Poland and I miss in the Netherlands are:



Rubus (well sometimes you can find it here… in the forest:)

Raspberries could be much cheaper!!!

Yellow cherries

Cherries (sour, not sweet ones)

Fragaria (wild forest strawberries)

Blueberries (wild forest blueberries, different than American blueberries)

Red gooseberries (available just in good grocery shops)

White gooseberries (well sometimes you can find them here)

Hmm, yummy!!!


Spaghetti with tuna and avocado in tomato sauce



I came back from holiday and I had absolutely nothing in my fridge.

The only things I had were the standard products I always have in my kitchen: spaghetti, tuna, tomato puree, onion and garlic. As you already know, I prefer to cook from scratch, rather than eat pre-packaged food that is why I decided to serve on my dish: spaghetti with tuna and avocado in tomato sauce.


Why avocado? Well, just because this was my last left-over before I went on holiday. I know that for many people this may be the craziest combination but I still preferred to risk instead of buying some pre-packaged food which quality is rather poor and taste artificially pimped up. I must admit I never tried cooked avocado before. I decided to experiment. I am glad I did it because it was really tasty! The best thing about this dish was its preparation and cooking time. It took me less than 15 minutes! That’s quick!

Ingredients (for two people):

– 250g spaghetti

– 1 can tuna in oil (for frying I prefer canned tuna in oil than in water because then I do not have to add any extra oil for frying)

– 1 onion

– 1 clove garlic

– 1 avocado

– 1/2 tomato puree (ca. 70g)

– Mexican Sun spices (salt, garlic, chili, onion, corn grits, paprika, oregano, pepper)


  1. Cook spaghetti.
  2. Drain tuna and use a bit of that oil to fry.
  3. Add chopped onion and sliced avocado; fry.
  4. Add sliced garlic, fry for 30sec.
  5. Add tomato puree, water from spaghetti, and spices to make a tomato sauce. Cook until spaghetti is boiled.
  6. Drain spaghetti, top with sauce. You can add some cheese optionally if you want.
  7. Voila!


I hope you liked it! I encourage you to experiment as well… It’s fun.

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*Enjoy your meal*

Explore Gdansk


Hi there,

I am not in my kitchen this week because I am on short holidays in my hometown Gdansk. Obviously, I can’t cook anything what from time to time is a good thing.

Let me shortly write some information about my city.

Gdansk in Poland, is a city on the Baltic coast at the southern part of the Gulf of Gdansk. Together with two other cities, spa town of Sopot and Gdynia, Gdansk forms a metropoly called Tricity (in Polish called Trójmiasto) with a total population of around 1 million inhabitants. Gdansk is an important Polish seaport and shipbuilding center. It has a rich history and a lot to offer from tourist point of view. It was one of the host cities for Euro 2012:)

If you look for more info, just google it:)

Hey, all pics were taken with my mobile, forgive that poor quality…

Photo taken from

The proud of Gdansk, Gdansk beer.

Fried halibut

Duck breast with dumplings and backed apple

Another proud of Gdansk, amber…

Couple pictures of Gulf of Gdansk (Gdansk Bay):

And a bit of downtown:

Neptun Fountain at Long Market

Town Hall


Motlawa River

Motlawa River

Mariacka Street

Crest of Gdansk…

I love my city!

I wish you a great day!