Hello Kitty Limo!


Hi everyone,

My excuses for not being with you for the last couple of days.

Something nice has happened.

Last Sunday together with my husband I was roller skating along the canal and I heard some strange noise.

I neglected it and moved on. One and a half hours later when I was going back, I heard the same noise again. This time we stopped to see what that was.

We looked around and we found a super small kitty in the bushes. He was alone, crying so much!

I love animals and I couldn’t leave it there. It was clearly alone and frightened. We decided to pick him up and take care of him. Well, with roller skates it is a bit difficult especially when you don’t know how such a kitty could react. We went back home and took the bikes. We took it home. It was so beautiful! The kitty was around 4 weeks old. Blue eyes, nice soft fur, it was just lovely.

Just the first day we fell in love with this kitty! Everything turned upside down. Now I can understand why people having babies do not want to go out of home. Such a small cutie can give you so MUCH back! Last couple of days were the best moments in our live! Unfortunately, we already have two older cats at home and letting this one to stay could be a bit problematic. Especially that we plan some holidays soon. Who would take full time care for such a cutie? By the way, we called it LIMO:)

For the first two days, Limo was not able to do its hygienic on its own. So we needed to massage his belly, like a mother cat does. Even feeding was quite complicated for the first day. We found it on Sunday and we knew we have to find a house for it very quickly. Every next day, it learned something new. On Monday, it could eat without help, on Tuesday it knew how to pie into cat’s box, and on Wednesday it knew all corners of our house. Unfortunately, even though we fell in love and would really like to keep Limo, it was impossible. We knew it will feel much better with other buddies and having fun with them.

Yesterday, Thursday, we gave Limo away to a temporary nanny Bianca from the Dutch Foundation “Stichting Het Wijze Weeskitten” . Bianca and some other volunteers take care for lost cats and kittens. My both cats are “second hand” cats and I am a great fun of such organisations!

If you ever want a cat (or dog), please give a chance for the ones who already lost their houses and mum. I am sure you can find similar places in your own home countries. Make use of them, help all animals and give them a second chance.

Below are some links where you can read more about “lost and found” cats rescue and adoption organisations. All are in Dutch but you can use translate.google.com of course:)






www.adopteereenhond.com (for dogs)

And here some more photos of my lovely Limo!

I will miss it, for sure!


These lovely blue eyes!



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