The correlation of vitamin D and weight



Have you noticed that during the summer time you are a bit slimmer? Is it caused because you choose seasonal vegetables, fruits, and drink more water? Or is it too warm and you have less appetite? Actually all of these factors influence our weight, however according to the studies published in the Journal of Women’s Health: “older women with insufficient vitamin D in their blood, are gaining weight easier and more than women with sufficient vitamin D level” [1]. Would you ever think of that?

The study lasted for 5 years and involved 4659 women, older than 65 years. It was performed on women who did not plan to lose their weight… [1]. Is it applicable to younger generation as well? I have no further details about the study but just this short information shows that the sun is important in our life

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[1] “Voeding Nu”: Nadine Salehy; Laag vitamine D-niveau gelinkt aan gewichtstoename,, 29 juni 2012.

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