Chinese macaroni with shrimps and spam in curry sour crème sauce


Hi there,


Before going on holidays I always try to empty my fridge. This time I made an incredible mix of all ingredients I had. Once I’ve been invited to a dinner by my Chinese colleague. It was really shocking to me that their food can also be so mild. I always though Chinese is spicy and involves a lot of oil processing, especially stir frying in wok. Another thing that really surprised me was the combination of meat and fish. At my culture I’ve never met with such a combination, at least not in one dish. I really liked the idea and tried to use it this time in my kitchen.

Same of you may think that my ingredients look a bit crazy and do not match at all but believe me the taste was great.

On my dish was: Chinese macaroni with shrimps and spam in curry sour crème sauce

Ingredients (for 2 people):
– 200g Chinese macaroni
– 1 zucchini
– 20pcs shrimps
– 1/2 onion
– 100g of Spam (a canned precooked meat product, called in Polish: “mielonka”)
– 1cm ginger
– 1/2 jar of pickled maize
– 1 falafel (it looked like made with rise not chickpeas)
– a bit of chili pepper
– 1tsp. curry
– 50ml crème 15%
– oil to fry

1. Boil macaroni
2. Cut spam/”mielonka” intro small cubes
3. Chop zucchini
4. Chop onion
4. Fry under the lid shrimps, spam/”mielonka”, onion and zucchini until soft consistence (to save time fry all ingredients at same time; if you have more time you can do it in phases and process ingredients separately).
5. Once your ingredients will be almost done, add grated ginger, all spices and crème and fry for 5 minutes (you may noticed I didn’t use any salt; I did it on purpose because spam/”mielonka” is salty by itself).
6. Top macaroni with curry sour crème sauce

*Enjoy your meal*


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