Snack substitutes


Hi there,

Today I want to share with you my idea of SS – “snack substitutes”.

Instead of A eat B 😉

I was just thinking about how inane people eat unhealthy snacks. Many times we just grab things without even paying attention to what we eat and how does it really taste. People snack at school, at work, in front of TV in a pub, etc. What mostly comes “on your dish”? It is chocolate, chips, peanuts…
Well, if you are addicted to snacking, I am sure you won’t really notice what you eat. Exceptions are people who are addicted to salt and cacao 😉
Anyway, have you ever consider grabbing just few strawberries or grapes?
Mostly when you want to have emotional need to eat something, it is enough if you eat just a little bit. In fact instead of eating a row of chocolate you could eat few strawberries. It’s tasty, healthy and you don’t feel guilty afterwards. In fact, if you inanely eat something, it doesn’t matter what you eat. You won’t even notice that you eat…
So why not to test yourself and try for a week buying healthy stuff instead of trashy snacks?

Today on my snack dish were: just a few strawberries.

Remember, do not eat half kilo of strawberries because it won’t be just a snack anymore 😉

*Enjoy your snacking moments*

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  1. Yummy, strawberries:) By the way, what a coincidence, at the moment I am trying to buy only healthy things in stead of crisps and cookies etc too.. and I must say, I like it^^. Have sinned a little bit over the weekend though, as you may have noticed;)..

    Also I wanted to say….: I like your blog:)!! Keep up the good work..

    • Thank’s Jeftha:) it gives me a lot of pleasure… keep up with healthy stuff. Now it’s the great timing… all fresh veggies and fruits- yummy=]

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