Sushi from Yukimi Japanese Restaurant




Today on my dish I had: Sushi from Yukimi Japanese Restaurant


I remember my first experience with sushi… I was visiting my friends and we ate A LOT…

Home is not a restaurant, so the choice was rather limited to the simplest version: sake sushi (basically fresh salmon on sushi rice) and kappa sushi roll (rice in and out of dry konbu/see weed with cucumber but at home production additionally with salmon). Next to this, we consumed a lot of soya sauce and extreme amounts of wasabi 🙂 Hmm, my conclusion was “never again”:)

I don’t recall what pushed me to try it for the second time and where I ate it. I just know that that was the breakthrough in my taste perception. I am sure that the European quality is far away from the Asian one, nevertheless still I like it.

On my dish today were i.e.: salad, masago, black masago, wakame, corn with maize and crab, California maki, spicy tuna maki, sake avocado maki, crispy maki (really delicious!), oshinko maki, fried shrimps, fried pumpkin (really tasty as well), fried squid, and fried potato balls (again super tasty).

So you can imagine how full I am at the moment…



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